We decided to combine our love for the outdoors and coffee to bring you exciting and flavorful blends sourced from the best growing regions in the world. Each blend has a unique story and character that was created during our overland adventures.


Canyon Craig

100% Arabica beans, sourced from the highest altitude growing regions of South America. This medium roast blend offers notes of cinnamon, vanilla and hints of mocha.


Wise Willie

100% Arabica beans, sourced from the highest altitude growing regions of South America. This medium roast blend has a hint of buttery pecan flavor with notes of bourbon.



This peach and ginger tea is a blend of green, white and oolong tea leaves. The green tea is an organic Japanese sencha, from Japan. The white tea is bai mu tea with silver tips from China. And the oolong is formosa oolong, also from China. The organic dried peaches, ginger root and yellow marigolds is what sets this tea flavor apart.


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    Our Stories

    Each character in our collection has a unique story to tell.

    Canyon Craig

    Times were crazy for most of everyone back in the 1980’s, and it was no different for the parents of Craig Thompson, who had decided they’d had enough of raising a 13-year-old boy, and would rather live a life of no responsibilities and kid free partying. 1982 was the year the Thompsons abandoned their only son, on what was supposed to be a fun family camping trip to the rugged terrain of Palo Duro, Texas. Craig, like most kids that grew up in the 80’s, was no stranger to being left alone all day, and scraping by on snacks, drinking from a water hose, and riding his bike well past dusk. Craig decided he can do this. “Who needs them?!” he cried out, as the words echoed off the canyons. He had made his mind up to live a life of solitude scavenging for food. He grew up tough, but never lost his sense of humor and kind heart. Over the years of blistering summer days, cold winter nights, and sneaking around scavenging for food and supplies from unsuspecting campers, Craig was practically a ninja of an outdoorsman. After all, what kid from the 80’s didn’t want to be a ninja? But even the nimblest feet in Texas were no match for this great state’s rugged and unforgiving terrain. At the ripe old age of 27, while steadily outrunning a mountain lion, Craig lost his footing and slipped and fell to his death. Even at the end he wanted to continue to live in solitude in the beauty of the Palo Duro Canyons. His spirit refused to leave, and made his forever home at the bottom of those canyons as the ghost of Canyon Craig.

    Wise Willie

    The year was 1856. William P. Sutter was a weathered man. His hands dry and cracked from the sun like the ground he stood on. His white shirt was the color of tea, and his eyes were as blue as the sky. He lived and breathed the outdoors. He had to, really. He was a prospector for many many years which inspired his furrowed brow. William, or Willie as people would call him, could be described as the "OG" overlander. He traveled across the states by horseback, and carried everything he needed on his saddle bags. After prospecting and being quite lucky in his findings, Willie decided to hang up his prospecting hat for good and go down south to Texas. He settled in what is known now as the grasslands of Wise County. The people in Decatur gave him the nick name "Wise Willie", because he had seen and learned so many things from his travels. His sage advice wasn’t always the most pleasant, but they could always trust his words. Wise Willie quickly grew fond of the towns people and decided to bury his gold so they could go and have some of their own adventures. Legend has it, if you do some digging around your camp site, you may find some of Wise Willie’s gold.

    Muddy Mary

    Once upon a time, deep within the mystical Sasquatch realm, there lived a unique and extraordinary female Sasquatch named Mary. She was unlike any other Sasquatch in her world, and possessed an insatiable curiosity and an adventurous spirit that burned brightly within her.

    One fateful day, as Mary explored the outskirts of the Sasquatch realm, she stumbled upon a mysterious portal. With a mixture of trepidation and excitement, she cautiously approached the shimmering gateway. Without hesitation, Mary stepped through, leaving behind the only home she had ever known.

    To her surprise, Mary found herself in the Ozark Mountains, a breathtaking wilderness filled with lush foliage and majestic wildlife. She felt a sense of liberation, free from the confines of her former realm. However, little did she know that her escape had not gone unnoticed.

    Billy and Rhonda, a married couple and dedicated park rangers, had been secretly monitoring and protecting the portal for years. They had made it their clandestine mission to capture any Sasquatch that ventured into the human world, ensuring that the public remained oblivious to their existence. The couple knows that exposing the Sasquatch would disrupt the delicate balance of the two realms.

    Rhonda and Billy were well-equipped and incredibly resourceful, which made them a formidable adversary for Mary. They tirelessly pursued her, employing every technique, and using their knowledge of the Ozark Mountains to their advantage. But Mary, with her innate ability to blend into her surroundings, was always one step ahead.

    As the days turned into months, Rhonda and Billy's relentless pursuit began to evolve. They observed Mary from a distance, watching her interactions with the animals and the environment. They saw her grace and gentleness, her tenderness towards injured creatures, and her playful spirit. Slowly, their hearts softened.

    Rhonda, a tough but compassionate woman, couldn't help but feel a maternal instinct towards Mary. She saw a creature longing for freedom and acceptance. Billy, a stoic man, also began to develop a paternal affection for Mary. He recognized her intelligence and resilience, and admired her courage to forge her own path.

    One evening, as Mary sought refuge in a hidden cave, she noticed a subtle change in the behavior of the park rangers. They no longer seemed intent on capturing her. Instead, they watched her from a distance, observing her with a mixture of affection and protectiveness.

    Curiosity got the better of Mary, and she decided to approach them cautiously. Rhonda and Billy, filled with a mix of apprehension and hope, waited for her. As Mary emerged from the shadows, their eyes met, and an unspoken understanding formed between them.

    With tears glistening in her eyes, Rhonda gently reached out her hand to Mary. The Sasquatch hesitated for a moment before tentatively accepting the gesture. Billy, too, approached slowly, his voice filled with warmth as he spoke to her. In that moment, they made a silent pact to protect Mary from the world that sought to control her.

    From that day forward, Rhonda and Billy concealed Mary's existence from the public. They built a secluded sanctuary deep within the Ozark Mountains, where Mary could live freely, surrounded by the beauty of nature. They provided her with food, shelter, and companionship, and in return, Muddy Mary shared her wisdom and taught them to appreciate the harmony of the wilderness.

    Kampfire Kenny

    Chapter 1: An Unassuming Vacation

    Kenny, a middle-aged man with a quirky demeanor, had spent the majority of his life working as a banker. The constant pressure of the corporate world had worn him down, leaving him yearning for an escape from the monotony of his daily routine. In a moment of spontaneity, he decided to take a week-long vacation to the serene Ozark mountains.

    Chapter 2: Unexpected Encounters

    Upon arriving at the picturesque national park, Kenny’s eyes were immediately captivated by the breathtaking beauty of nature. Little did he know that his vacation would take an unexpected turn. As he ventured deeper into the park, he stumbled upon two peculiar individuals named Rhonda and Billy.

    Chapter 3: The Undercover Agents

    Rhonda and Billy, park rangers by occupation, were not what they seemed. Beneath their seemingly ordinary exteriors, they were undercover secret agents working for the United States government. Their mission was to protect a female Sasquatch named Mary, ensuring her existence remained hidden from the public eye.

    Chapter 4: Unveiling the Truth

    Curiosity got the better of Kenny, and he began researching the enigmatic park rangers and their connection to the Sasquatch. Through countless hours of investigation, he unearthed a startling revelation: all park rangers were part of a covert military operation tasked with guarding portals to the Sasquatch realm, which were hidden within various national parks.

    Chapter 5: Embracing the Truth

    Kenny’s newfound knowledge shook him to the core. Fueled by a burning desire for truth, he made the audacious decision to quit his job and abandon modern technology. He sold his electronic devices and his vehicle, opting for a simpler lifestyle that allowed him to travel the country in search of like-minded individuals willing to listen to his incredible story.

    Chapter 6: The Lonely Crusade

    Armed with nothing but his conviction and determination, Kenny embarked on a solitary journey, spreading the word about the existence of Sasquatch and the government's alleged conspiracy. He would frequent campfires in different national parks, gathering around with fellow campers, hoping to find those who shared his skepticism towards the government and their hidden agenda.

    Chapter 7: The Voice of a Drifter

    Unfortunately, Kenny’s appearance as a disheveled wanderer raised suspicions among those he encountered. His wild tales of Sasquatch and secret portals were met with doubt and skepticism. People dismissed him as a crazy drifter, unwilling to consider the possibility of a government cover-up.

    Chapter 8: An Unexpected Alliance

    Just as Kenny was beginning to lose hope, he crossed paths with an elderly woman named Margaret. Margaret had spent her life dedicated to uncovering hidden truths and was well-versed in various conspiracy theories. Intrigued by Kenny’s  unwavering belief, she decided to join forces with him, lending her expertise and support to his cause.

    Chapter 9: The Journey Continues

    With Margaret by his side, Kenny’s  mission gained newfound strength. Together, they traveled across the country, tirelessly seeking out individuals who were open to the possibility of government secrets and the existence of Sasquatch. They encountered numerous challenges along the way, but their resilience and shared conviction propelled them forward.

    Chapter 10: The Final Revelation

    After months of tireless effort, Kenny and Margaret stumbled upon a breakthrough. They managed to infiltrate a secret government facility located deep within the heart of a remote national park. Inside, they discovered a hidden underground complex filled with advanced technology and classified documents.

    Chapter 11: Unveiling the Truth

    As Kenny and Margaret delved deeper into the facility, they uncovered a trove of evidence supporting their claims. They found confidential files detailing the existence of the Sasquatch realm and the government's role in protecting the portals. Photographs and firsthand accounts from previous park rangers revealed astonishing encounters with the elusive creatures.

    Chapter 12: The Encounter

    Just as Kenny and Margaret were about to leave the facility with their newfound evidence, they stumbled upon an unexpected sight. Mary, the female Sasquatch, stood before them, her towering figure and gentle eyes displaying a mixture of curiosity and caution. It was a rare encounter, one that solidified their belief in the truth they had spent years uncovering.

    Chapter 13: A Pact with Mary

    In a surprising turn of events, Mary allowed Kenny and Margaret to approach her. Through a series of gentle gestures and vocalizations, Mary conveyed her gratitude for their efforts to expose the secrets of the Sasquatch realm and protect her from harm. It was a moment of connection that cemented their resolve to continue their mission.

    Chapter 14: The Resistance Grows

    Armed with concrete evidence and the support of Mary, Kenny, Margaret, and a growing network of believers formed a resistance against the government's secrecy. They established hidden communication channels and organized meetings in remote locations, where they shared their findings and urged others to question the official narrative.

    Chapter 15: The Government's Response

    As the movement gained momentum, the government grew increasingly alarmed. They launched a campaign to discredit Kenny and Margaret, labeling them as dangerous conspiracy theorists. The media was manipulated to portray them as delusional and unstable, making it difficult for their message to reach a wider audience.

    Chapter 16: A Race Against Time

    Aware of the mounting threats, Kenny, Margaret, and their allies realized they had to act swiftly. They devised a plan to expose the government's cover-up to the world. Gathering undeniable evidence, they prepared for a high-stakes confrontation that would either vindicate their claims or condemn them as mere fantasists.

    Chapter 17: The Truth Unveiled

    The day of reckoning arrived. Kenny, Margaret, and their supporters coordinated a simultaneous release of evidence through various media channels, bypassing the government's control. The world was inundated with photographs, videos, and testimonies that shattered the illusion of the national parks as mere natural preserves.

    Chapter 18: A Paradigm Shift

    The revelations sparked a global awakening. People questioned long-held beliefs and demanded transparency from their governments. The existence of the Sasquatch realm and the truth behind national parks became a topic of heated debate and intense scrutiny. Scientists, anthropologists, and researchers joined forces to further investigate the phenomenon.

    Chapter 19: Redemption and Understanding

    In the aftermath of their victory, Kenny and Margaret were hailed as heroes by some and scorned by others. The government, cornered by the overwhelming evidence, reluctantly admitted to their involvement in the cover-up. Kenny’s  reputation was redeemed, and his perseverance was celebrated as a catalyst for change.

    Chapter 20: A New Era

    With the truth finally exposed, the world entered a new era of understanding and acceptance. Governments around the globe were forced to acknowledge the existence of the Sasquatch realm and the portals within national parks. International collaborations were established to study and protect these enigmatic creatures.

    Chapter 21: Protecting the Sasquatch

    Kenny, Margaret, and their allies became prominent figures in the ongoing efforts to protect the Sasquatch and their realm. They worked closely with governments and conservation organizations to establish sanctuaries and preserve the delicate balance between humans and the Sasquatch.

    Chapter 22: Reconnecting with Mary

    Kenny’s bond with Mary, the female Sasquatch, deepened over time. As trust developed between them, Mary became an ambassador for her species, bridging the gap between humans and Sasquatch. Together, they embarked on educational initiatives, sharing knowledge about the Sasquatch realm and fostering a sense of coexistence.

    Chapter 23: Healing and Rebuilding

    The revelation of the Sasquatch realm had far-reaching consequences, not only for the natural world but for humanity as well. People began to question their relationship with nature and the impact of their actions on the environment. Conservation efforts were strengthened, and a newfound respect for wildlife and wilderness emerged.

    Chapter 24: Legacy and Remembrance

    Kenny and Margaret's tireless efforts left an indelible mark on history. They became symbols of resilience and the pursuit of truth. Their story was immortalized in books, documentaries, and museums, ensuring that future generations would remember their journey and the importance of questioning the status quo.

    Chapter 25: A Life Transformed

    As the years passed, Kenny reflected on his remarkable transformation. From a quirky banker seeking an escape to a fierce advocate for the Sasquatch, his life had taken an unexpected turn. He found purpose and fulfillment in his newfound role, knowing that he had played a part in changing the world's perception.

    Chapter 26: The Unseen Connection

    In the quiet moments, Kenny often wondered about the untold secrets still hidden within the Sasquatch realm. Though much had been revealed, there were mysteries yet to be unraveled. He couldn't help but wonder about the other realms that might exist, waiting to be discovered and understood.

    Chapter 27: The Journey Continues

    Inspired by the endless possibilities, Kenny embarked on a new adventure. With Mary by his side, he set out to explore the uncharted territories of the natural world, delving deeper into the interconnectedness of all living beings. Their journey took them to remote corners of the globe, where they encountered other mythical creatures and witnessed the wonders of nature.

    Chapter 28: A Message of Unity

    Everywhere they traveled, Kenny and Mary spread a message of unity and harmony. They emphasized the importance of embracing diversity and protecting the fragile web of life that sustains us all. Their words resonated with people of all backgrounds, igniting a global movement towards a more compassionate and sustainable future.

    Epilogue: A World Transformed

    In the years that followed, the revelations of the Sasquatch realm continued to shape the world. Humans and Sasquatch learned to coexist, fostering a relationship built on respect and mutual understanding. The portals within national parks became symbols of connection rather than secrecy, inviting people to explore not only the wilderness but also the depths of their own hearts and minds.

    Ranger Rhonda

    Rhonda had always been a woman of order and discipline. As a park ranger in the majestic Ozark Mountains, she took her duty to protect the natural beauty of the area seriously. But there was a secret side to Rhonda that few knew about. She was not just a park ranger; she was also an undercover agent for the United States government.

    Rhonda was married to another park ranger, Billy, and together they led a covert life dedicated to protecting a hidden secret—the existence of a female Sasquatch named Mary. The government had deemed it essential to keep the existence of Sasquatch hidden from the public, fearing the chaos and disruption that would ensue if the truth were to be exposed.

    In her younger years as a park ranger, Rhonda was notorious for her strict adherence to rules and regulations. She was known for writing tickets and being an unpleasant presence for those who violated the park's laws. Her stern demeanor earned her a reputation as a stickler for rules, but as she grew older, her perspective began to change.

    Rhonda had encountered Mary during one of her routine patrols. At first, she saw Mary as a threat to the secrecy they were sworn to protect. But as time passed, Rhonda observed Mary from a distance and discovered a gentleness and grace in the creature's actions. It was as if Mary had an innate wisdom and a connection to the natural world.

    This realization awakened a maternal instinct within Rhonda. She saw Mary not as a threat, but as a living being deserving of protection. She knew that the public's discovery of Mary would lead to chaos and potentially harm the delicate balance between the human and Sasquatch realms.

    Rhonda shared her newfound sentiments with Billy, and they formed an unbreakable bond dedicated to safeguarding Mary from the public eye. Their mission became not just about secrecy, but about ensuring Mary's safety and well-being.

    In their undercover roles, Rhonda and Billy used their knowledge of the Ozark Mountains to their advantage. They patrolled the area, gathering information and intercepting any potential threats to Mary's existence. They relied on their training as agents to maintain the secrecy of the Sasquatch realm.

    As Rhonda spent more time observing Mary, she realized that the Sasquatch possessed a profound intelligence. Mary exhibited behaviors that seemed to mirror human emotions and had an uncanny ability to communicate with the natural world. Rhonda marveled at Mary's interactions with the animals, her tender care for injured creatures, and her playful spirit.

    Rhonda’s transformation from a strict enforcer to a protector was not lost on her colleagues. They noticed her change in demeanor and her newfound compassion. Some questioned her motives, while others couldn't understand her sudden affinity for a mythical creature. But Rhonda remained steadfast in her commitment to Mary's safety.

    As the years went by, Rhonda’s bond with Mary deepened. She took every opportunity to ensure Mary's well-being, providing her with food, shelter, and protection. She watched over her like a devoted mother, her heart filled with love and a fierce determination to keep her safe.

    Despite their efforts, there were moments when the secret teetered on the edge of exposure. Poachers and thrill-seekers occasionally stumbled upon clues, posing a significant threat to Mary's safety. Rhonda and Billy worked tirelessly to intercept these individuals and redirect their attention away from the Sasquatch.

    In rare instances, Rhonda had to resort to her undercover skills to deceive those who came too close to uncovering the truth. There is a new guy in town. A man named Kenny that is getting too close to knowing the truth..

    Burn Ban Billy

    Billy had always been a man of duty and discipline. As a dedicated park ranger, he had spent decades patrolling the stunning landscapes of the Ozark Mountains, protecting its beauty and ensuring the safety of its visitors. But there was a secret that lay hidden beneath the serene facade of the mountains, and Billy was one of the few who knew the truth.

    Together with his wife Rhonda, Billy led a double life. On the surface, they were park rangers, diligently enforcing rules and regulations, educating visitors, and preserving the natural wonders of the Ozarks. But behind closed doors, they were members of a covert organization working for the United States government.

    Their mission was to protect a portal, hidden deep within the Ozark Mountains, that connected the human world to the Sasquatch realm. The existence of Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, was a closely guarded secret, and the government feared the consequences if the truth were to be exposed. Billy and Rhonda were tasked with ensuring that the public remained ignorant of the Sasquatch's existence.

    Billy’s dedication to his duty was unwavering, and he took great pride in his role. In his younger years, he was known for his strict enforcement of burn ban laws, issuing tickets to campers who violated the regulations. But as he grew older, his focus shifted. He realized that there was a greater secret to protect—a female Sasquatch named Mary.

    Mary had managed to escape the Sasquatch realm through the portal and found refuge in the Ozark Mountains. She was the only female Sasquatch to have ever crossed over, making her a rare and valuable creature. Billy knew that if the public discovered her existence, chaos would ensue, and the delicate balance between the two realms would be shattered.

    Billy devoted his days to tracking Mary's movements, studying her behavior, and ensuring she remained hidden from prying eyes. He employed all his knowledge of the mountains, using camouflage techniques and surveillance equipment to keep a watchful eye on her. Rhonda, equally committed to their mission, supported him every step of the way.

    Years passed, and Billy grew older, but his determination never wavered. He had seen firsthand the beauty and wonder of the Sasquatch realm, and he understood the importance of protecting it. The portal was a gateway to another world, a realm of mythical creatures and ancient wisdom. It had to remain hidden.

    As Billy and Rhonda continued their work, they encountered countless challenges. Poachers and thrill-seekers posed a constant threat to Mary's safety. Billy’s heart burned with anger at those who sought to exploit her. He dedicated himself to thwarting their efforts, employing all his training and expertise to ensure Mary remained safe.

    But as the years went by, Billy began to question the secrecy surrounding the Sasquatch. He pondered the possibility of coexistence, of revealing the truth to the world and fostering understanding between the realms. The burden of the conspiracy weighed heavily on his shoulders, and he wondered if there was another way.

    One day, while observing Mary from a concealed vantage point, Billy noticed something unexpected. She was not the fearsome creature he had imagined. Instead, she exhibited traits of compassion and gentleness. She cared for injured animals, played with the forest creatures, and seemed to possess an innate wisdom.

    It was in that moment that Billy’s  perspective shifted. He realized that Mary was not a threat, but a living being deserving of compassion and not a life filled of isolation.

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